PM8 Total Care Manager

Leverage the power of the cloud to track workwear consumption, usage trends and inventory levels via a simple and easy-to-use web based application.

Complete Control of Your Workwear

Polytex Total Care Manager

The perfect one-stop management system for workwear that helps you monitor and control workwear inventory, eliminate redundancies, and reduce spending on laundry and stock.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure: cyber-secured, robust, and fully scalable operations from anywhere
  • Frequent backups, recovery plans, multilevel threat protection,
    and full GDPR, SOC2, and ISO7001 compliance
  • Simple API allows seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Intuitive user-management module and dashboard that provides real-time information, reports, and insights on the go

Total Care Manager means total peace of mind. 

No-hassle, “Plug & Play” software installation

Polytex helps you to get your system up and running in just a few hours with no on-site technical expertise required.

  • Low Deployment Costs: Fast, remote installation and configuration with no costly IT overhead and time.
  • Smooth and Rapid Setup: Simple configuration of user permissions and workwear categories.
  • Easy Data Import: Convert your old Excel files and create a consolidated database in just a few mouse-clicks.

Gain full control over your workwear operations

Polytex Total-Care Manager improves your daily workwear usage tracking and inventory management capabilities.

  • Get Actionable Real-Time Data: Improve decision-making with accurate and reliable data.
  • Track Garment Usage Per Unit: Optimize laundry service cycle based on actual usage per department and team.
  • Monitor Inventory Stock Levels: Identify lost or damaged items to reduce purchase costs.
  • Improve Quality of Service: Ensure workwear availability to increase to customer satisfaction.

Robust Industrial-Grade System Infrastructure

Polytex solutions are built to the most demanding standards for performance, reliability and compliance. Our solutions are used by large-scale global brands worldwide.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Access any type of data at anytime on any device.

    Secure Azure Environment:
    Manage your operations in a secure, robust and scalable cloud based working environment.
    High Availability:
    Increase productivity and network reliability with “4-Nines” SLA uptime.
    Frequent Data Backups:
    Automated data snapshots, hot-site disaster recovery and full access to your backup data.
    Automated Updates:
    Continuous feature enhancements and security updates with no downtime to your operations.
  • Data Security

    Get peace of mind with industry compliant data security.

    Industry Compliance:
    Fully compliant with ISO27001, SOC2 requirements.
    Multi-Level Threat Protection:
    Safeguarded by Microsoft Azure security mechanisms.
    Policy Based Data Privacy:
    Full GDPR compliance with no disclosure of your data to unauthorized people.
    Automated Security Update:
    Frequent security updates to your system environment and data repositories.
  • API Integration

    Adapt your system to meet evolving business needs.

    Connect to External Systems:
    Create seamless integration with external systems including laundry service and CRM applications.
    Automate Workflow Processes:
    Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data input activities.
    Expand System Capabilities:
    Gain access to data and services provided by third-party applications.

Monitor operational efficiency and performance

Ensure reliable daily machine operation and identify availability of workwear items based on item type size and color.

  • Item Usage and Return: Identify item usage across sites, department teams and individuals.
  • Real-Time System Alerts: Get real-time alerts about unit malfunctions system events and performance issues.
  • Collaborative Data Sharing: Export reports to PDF to share data with colleagues and managers.
Connectivity and Security

Reliable and Secure Cloud Connectivity

The Polytex cloud platform ensures your machines and management application are secure and always up-to-date.

  • Accessibility from any machine, anytime and anywhere.
  • Fast and simple configuration – no need for internal IT experts.
  • Realtime service and support & Proactive monitoring.
  • High availability with 24/7 server uptime.
  • Data Security: ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 2 Compliance.

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