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Improve workwear management operations with accurate and reliable high-volume workwear tracking capabilities.

Streamline Your Garment Tracking Capabilities

Polytex garment tracking solutions are customized to meet the diverse needs and requirements of hospitals, hotels, industrial manufacturers and sports and leisure centers.

Polytex Garment Tracking offers tangible benefits to customers:

  • Accurate tracking of workwear items
  • Optimization of laundering operations.
  • Minimization of lost clothing and reduction of purchasing costs.
  • Simplification of inventory management, auditing, and billing processes.
  • Improving quality of service and employee satisfaction.
GARMENT-TRACKERS: solutions are used by hospitals and healthcare institutes

Optimize Workwear Laundry Operations

Our RFID tracking tags are highly durable and offer the highest resistance to industry standard washing and laundry processes. Polytex garment tracking capabilities enable you to achieve these goals:

Polytex garment tracking capabilities enable you to achieve these goals:

  • Eliminate labor-intensive tasks such as hand-counting soiled laundry items.
  • Accurately identify and record hundreds of items in your workwear management system.
  • Gain real-time actionable insights relating to usage, abrasion and item loss.
  • Instantaneously generate, error-free inventory and billing reports.
  • Improve planning and reduce on-site workwear shortages
Polytex garment tracking capabilities for hospital workwear management

Generate Accurate Real-Time Reports

Gain visibility and control over all workwear items across the entire organization. Generate real-time interactive dashboards and reports to optimize linen stock rotation at laundry and customer sites, addressing the following business and operational requirements.

Polytex installation services include:

  • Anticipate peak time quantity shortages per item.
  • Efficiently plan laundry service, delivery, and distribution schedules.
  • Continuously identify current location and allocation of each garment.
  • Instantaneously view aggregated data by type of item, by team or by activity.
workwear usage tracking on cloud-based web application

Scale Tracking Capabilities for Any Volume of Garments

Polytex’s solution is flexible and adaptable, making it suitable for deployment in any organization. With Polytex you can scale up your tracking capabilities to meet new and evolving business operation needs. Polytex tracks items and collects data across single and multi-site deployments with seamless integration to back-office workwear management applications. Our tracking solutions ensure accurate and reliable data analytics with high availability even during potential network or infrastructure failures.

Tracking Capabilities for Any Volume of Garments in Healthcare business

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