Polytex Product Types

Polytex product types are backed by over 30 years of experience, meeting the operational and business needs of thousands of companies worldwide.

Dispensing Units

Polytex offers reliable and durable automated dispensing machines for fast and convenient collection of workwear items by staff. All units feature simple user authentication operation and can scale up to meet any volume of customer workwear usage.

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Return Units

Polytex offers convenient and space-saving units for the return and storage of soiled items for dispatch to the laundry service. All units feature simple, automated card-swipe operation and can scale up to meet any volume of customer workwear.

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Total Care Manager

The Polytex Total-Care Manager is an intuitive cloud-based web application that enables you to monitor daily machine operation, track workwear consumption levels, manage inventory and detect faults to avoid unplanned service downtime.

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